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Recommended Products

Check out my favorite Teachers Pay Teachers downloads!

I have made a list of my most used and favorite TPT products. I have personally bought, prepped, and used every single item on this list. I will continue to add and edit this list over time so check back for more updates as time goes on. If you have anything specific you would like a link to let me know and I will add it to the list (if I have a product I love). Please do not buy everything on this list! Wait until you have an idea of the clients on your caseload and then go from there. Also, if you have a resource you love for a specific skill…don’t buy the one I suggested just because. There may be “better” resources out there than what I listed but this is just what I have personally purchased and used. I hope this is helpful! 

Early Intervention and Pre Language Skills
Song and rhyme visuals
Parent/Teacher Handouts
EI age parent handouts for FAQ
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